Tourism of Sonanchal

Tourism of Sonanchal Will Get A New Identity, Will Become Tourist Bangal

If you want to see the water falling from a waterfall with greenery or to see the oldest fasils in the world, then come to Sonbhadra, the district at the end of the state. What comes here once attracts natural beauty Tourism of Sonanchal in such a way that it comes again and again. Be it Kaimur Wildlife Century or Vijaygarh Fort.

There is also faith, thrill with mystery. The tourism department has taken steps to identify this. The exercise to build a tourist bungalow has started soon. A proposal has been made by the department to the District Magistrate, asking for five acres of land.

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According to the Department of Tourism, work has been started to promote tourism. Signboards are being put in place in this direction, on which the names and places of the Tourism of Sonanchal ourist places of the district are written. Initiatives have been initiated towards making Rock Paintings a strong presence on the tourism map with sites like Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, Salkhan Fossil Park, Vijaygarh Fort, Agori Fort, Mukkha Water Fall. Under this, many plans will soon be worked out including Tourist Bungalow, Bio-toilet, so that foreign tourists will also be able to enjoy Sonbhadra’s handicraft, fort, nature and cuisine with the tourists of the state.

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Five acres of land required on the highway

In order to increase the facilities of tourists, it has been decided to build a tourist bungalow. For this, a proposal of five acres of land along the highway has been made and sent to DM S Rajaligam. Hopefully, it will get some better information soon. Members of the Tourism Welfare Association have been invited to work out a detailed action plan.

Sonbhadra also took a day in Varanasi tour package

On the initiative of the District Magistrate to promote tourism of the district, a webinar was also held with people associated with the Tourist Welfare Association. In this, the tour operators of Varanasi had assured that one day the name of Sonbhadra will remain in the tour package there. This will bring tourists here and show them the merits of the place. For this, a team will soon come from there.

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Employment opportunities expected to increase

The expansion of the airstrip in the district will not only increase tourism there but will also create new employment opportunities with industrial development. When tourism gets a boost, new employment opportunities will also be available here. In such a situation the people of the district will be financially prosperous. Work is being done to promote tourism in Sonbhadra. The land has been demanded by making a proposal to the District Magistrate to build a Tourist Bungalow. If the land is found then it will benefit greatly.

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