TFCI News: Yogi government

TFCI News: Yogi government will give new momentum to tourism in UP

Yogi government will give new momentum to tourism in UP, Forest and Tourism departments are preparing attractive holiday packages.

Like sites like Make My Trip, Go Ibibo, now the Forest Corporation and Tourism Department of UP will also provide holiday packages. The Yogi government is preparing the most unique and attractive package for tourists in UP. For tourists, the package will include forest destinations besides UP’s favourite destinations.

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Through these packages, the state government will promote those places which have the potential to become a tourist destination, but due to the neglect of the previous governments, till now they have been away from the eyes of tourists. The Yogi government is now preparing to make these places a hot destination for tourism. These packages will also provide car facilities for tourists to live, eat and move around.

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The government will also provide the facility of guides to explain the importance of tourism areas and its history.

The Forest Department has prepared this proposal. With the approval of the tourism department and the approval of the state government, it will be opened to tourists. The Yogi government, which has become number one in the country in terms of inflow of domestic tourists in the year 2019, is working on a plan to give more momentum to this campaign. Despite the shock of Corona, the Yogi government is preparing to develop Uttar Pradesh as a major centre of tourism in the country and the world through convenient tourism policies.

Home stay will get a boost

For these packages, the State Government is trying to promote the Home Stay Scheme as well. The forest department particularly wants to promote the home stay scheme. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath plans to bring people living in rural and forest areas to the mainstream of employment through home stay. The Chief Minister has also instructed the top officials of the government in the review meetings to link local people with employment with the development of tourism industry. Especially areas that have their own historical significance. The forest department is also running the scheme to promote home stay. In which the scheme is being started in the districts of Terai as well as in Bundelkhand and Vindhya region.

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Tourists will get facility from Lucknow, Delhi, Noida

According to a senior forest department official, the package for tourists will be arranged from Lucknow, Delhi and Noida. Tourists will also make their booking for the place. From there the car will take them to the destination. According to the choice of tourists, stay at home or the hotel will be arranged. Tourists will also be provided with the facility of the guide based on their requirement during the tour. With which there is no problem in understanding things.

Employment opportunities will also increase

Along with promoting tourism, a homestay will be promoted through this scheme. This will provide employment opportunities to the people at the local level. Apart from this, local people will also be kept as guides. There will also be a sale of local things around the tourist spot. Which will provide employment to local craftsmen.

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