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TFCI News: UP Tourism released a poster on Ramnagar fort in Varanasi, stating the special feature of the fort

Varanasi, In order to give impetus to tourism in the Corona transition period, UP Tourism is continuously issuing posters at tourist centers across the state to make people aware of the characteristics of the region. In this connection, a poster has been released on behalf of UP Tourism on Thursday morning at Ramnagar Fort in Varanasi. After the poster was released, people shared it a lot on the internet media.

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It is written with the post that ‘Ramnagar fort located at the other end of river Ganga in Varanasi was built in the middle of 18th century. Since then this fort has been the residence of Kashi royal family. In this fort, you can find stories related to the Mahabharata period and a museum is also present here. Along with the post, hashtags like Amazing UP, UP Not Seen, India Not Seen etc. have also been included. Earlier this month, UP Tourism is trying to promote tourism by releasing posters on several occasions.

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Apart from the publicity of places, UP Tourism is also making great efforts to connect people with regard to food and drink. In the same episode, a poster about Banarasi Paan has also been released this month. On the other hand, efforts are being made by the tourism department to increase the economy of Kashi based on tourism by organizing many new events.

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