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TFCI News: Tourists will get homestay in four villages, will be able to taste the food made on the stove.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is busy preparing to make the rural environment of the region attractive to tourists. Gwalior is going to provide a home stay facility to bring the heritage of rural areas adjacent to the city among the tourists. Now tourists will be able to spend their time in the rural environment. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board team visited Guswar in the city and interacted with the people settled in the village and trained them to make a homestay. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board Director Manoj Singh visited Bateshwar four villages including Mitawali, Padawali, Shani Chakra with his team and informed the villagers about the homestay project. MP Tourism Board Advisor Prashant Chiraulia said that with the introduction of homestay, employment facilities will increase for villagers, as the villagers will keep 95 percent of the money coming from home stay. The board will not have to pay anything. With this, the board will provide facilities to the villagers on its behalf.

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Chambal will be able to visit the rugged

Tourists can also see the Chambal rugged with rural surroundings. After shooting many films, there is a demand for people to watch Chambal rugged. Therefore a tour of Chambal ravines will also be made available to tourists. Tourists will be able to enjoy the rural surroundings as well as see the ravines of Chambal.

You can taste bhaji instead of pea cheese

The villagers are being trained by the board for home stay. The villagers have been asked by the board team to build houses. Where tourists will be kept in rural surroundings. They will get all the facilities, but they will not get the taste of the hotel but the taste of the special dishes made on the stove. Along with this, the team is also training them to do hospitality. MP Tourism Board will entrust the training of villagers to the local organization and IHM.

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Workshop will be held today

To promote the promotion of homestay culture in the state by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, Bhopal, to provide the local culture, ambient experience to the tourists, to increase the number of residential rooms in private sector participation in the state and to create employment at the local level. The workshop will be organized at the Institute of Hotel Management Gwalior at 11:00 am on December. In which Homestay Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Scheme 2010 revised 2018 is being conducted.

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