Tourist's attraction increased towards Jaisalmer

TFCI NEWS: Tourist’s attraction increased towards Jaisalmer

There are only a few hours left for the New Year and tourists are not able to stay in Jodhpur. After an order of the State Government, the Jodhpur Tourist Industry has got a break and the tourists are preferring to stay in Jaisalmer instead of Jodhpur. Due to Corona infection, only 30% of tourists have reached Jodhpur this year compared to last year.

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Know when tourists come

By the way, every tourist coming to Rajasthan comes to Jodhpur and stops. Last year, 10 lakh 80 thousand 798 Indian tourists came to Jodhpur in the year 2019, while 1 lakh 60 thousand 909 tourists came to Jodhpur. At the same time, till November this year, two lakh 94 thousand 561 native tourists and 48,500 foreign tourists have reached Jodhpur, out of which 2 lakh 36 thousand 243 native tourists and 48,244 foreign tourists had come till March itself.

Reduced number of tourists due to lockdown

After that, the entire hotel industry remained closed from April to September due to the lockdown. Tourists started increasing every month from September when the lockdown opened and the traffic started getting discounted, but due to the night curfew and market closure order at 7:00 pm, tourists are not able to stop in Jodhpur and Jaisalmer Are turning to Where New Year will be celebrated in the resort around Jaisalmer as there is no such restriction of the government outside the city of Jaisalmer. In such a situation, tourists are turning to Jaisalmer.

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Demand for relief from the government to increase the tourism

Pawan Mehta, Jodhpur division vice-president of Rajasthan Hotel Tourist & Restaurant Association, said that today the industry is going through a bad phase due to Corona infection and after the government order Due to the closure of the restaurant’s hotel at night, the tourist is getting affected. At the same time, tourists are not able to stay in Jodhpur by imposing a curfew from 31 December till New Year morning.

Do you want to increase your tourism business?

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He has written a letter to the government and demanded that the way tourist is increasing gradually from September till now. In view of that, the government should provide some relief to the hotel industry, so that tourists can stay in Jodhpur and all the people associated with the tourism industry can get employment and their economic condition can improve.

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