Jharkhand state tourism ranking 1

TFCI News: The number of tourists is constantly increasing in Jharkhand

Tourism In Jharkhand: The number of tourists is constantly increasing in Jharkhand, find out where the state is in terms of domestic and foreign tourists.

Jharkhand state tourism ranking Ranchi:

Based on the number of arrivals of domestic tourists, Jharkhand ranks ninth among all the states in the country. Whereas, according to the number of foreign tourists, the state ranks 16th in the country. The number of tourists has increased tremendously since the formation of the state. State government figures show that in the year 2000, the number of domestic tourists visiting Jharkhand was only 23,991 and the number of foreign tourists was 172. In the years that followed, the number of tourists increased hundreds of times.

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Number of domestic tourists increased

According to the tourism department, the number of domestic tourists increased to 1,45,80,387 and the number of foreign tourists reached 87,521 by the year 2011. In the year 2019, the number of domestic tourists visiting the state reached 3,55,80,768. Last year, 1,76,043 foreign tourists visited the state. In the departmental data, people who come from outside and stay in Jharkhand for one night or more are described as tourists.

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Jharkhand has immense potential for the development of tourism

Self-adorned by nature, Jharkhand has immense potential for the development of tourism. The tourism department wants to make the state one of the top five states in the country in terms of tourism in the next four years. A new tourism policy is being formulated in the state for this purpose. Efforts are being made to eradicate the feeling of insecurity in the minds of the people.

Let it be mentioned that since the formation of the state till now, with few exceptions, no accident has happened with tourists. Necessary infrastructure has been developed at tourist destinations in the last two decades. Proper accommodation for tourists, easy transportation to the destinations has been provided. Tourist Information Centers are being set up in various states to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

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Tourism fairs and festivals

Tourism fairs and festivals are organized continuously. At present tourism is, directly and indirectly, providing employment to a large number of people. According to the statistics of the tourism department, about 75 thousand people of the state have got employment from local tourism. In undivided Bihar, this number was zero.

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