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TFCI News – One million approved for the development of tourism in Champawat Uttarakhand, 50 lakh for Purnagiri road will be cleared for development

Champawat, Money has been started to build a tourism circuit after the proposal sent under the 13 District 13 Destination Plan for tourism development in Champawat district. In the first phase, an amount of 1.5 crores has been released for Champawat tea tourism and 50 lakhs to equip it with basic facilities in the world famous Maa Purnagiri Yatra route in Tanakpur.

In July 2019, the tourism department sent a proposal to the government to construct two trails in the district as part of the 13 District 13 Destination Plan run by the government in Uttarakhand. The government had already approved this proposal. The plan includes the Swami Vivekananda Trail and the Jim Corbett Trail. Adventure and other tourism are to be developed along with the major mythological, historical sites and temples of both these trails.

District Tourism Development Officer Lata Bisht said that the government has approved Rs 1.5 crore for the development of tea tourism in Champawat and Rs 50 lakh for the construction of structures on the Purnagiri Yatra Marg. Work will be started as soon as the funds are received.

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Under the Hub of Heaven, the work of bringing all the religious, historical and tourist places of the district in a circuit is to be done. For the development of tourism, many important schemes like Swadesh Darshan and Stay Home are going on in the district, but due to non-operation of these schemes in a planned manner, the purpose is not being served. In this situation, the 13 District 13 Distinction Plan can prove to be a milestone in the field of tourism development in the district.

Tourist places included in Swami Vivekananda

The trail includes a Hathia Naula, Mayawati Ashram, Banasura Fort, Abbott Mount. This trail will be about 25 km. Tourists can go by road from Abbott Mount to Pancheshwar where they can enjoy angling, rafting and camping at the confluence of Kali and Saryu. Under this trail, the beautification of Shyamatala located near Drydhang and the silting top of ChampawatRock climbing site will also be developed.

Tourist places included in the Jim Corbett

The 32 km long Jim Corbett Trail includes Goljew Temple, Tea Garden, Ghatotkach Temple, Maa Hidimba Temple, Golf Course Camping Site of Champawat.

On the golf course camping site, tourists can relax and entertain. The trail will go beyond the golf course from the Maneshwar temple to Chandalikot via a Hathi Naule.

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