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TFCI News: Khajjiar and Dalhousie started buzzing with tourists

Tourism business, which has slowed down since March due to Corona crisis in Chamba district, is now catching up. After the lockdown, the tourist places of the district have started buzzing with tourists from Dheel.

On Sunday, tourists from Mini Switzerland knocked in the famous Khajjiar and enjoyed walking here. Seeing the beauty of tourists, the backlash has returned to the face of tourism businessmen.

Nearly two hundred and fifty tourists reached Dalhousie on Saturday evening could not enjoy walking around the market after seven o’clock. On Sunday, tourists decided to keep the shops closed as a precaution. People from various places in the district Chamba, including tourists, were very enchanted in Khajjiar. As the markets of Dalhousie were closed on Sunday, tourists continued to enjoy the naturan ml beauty in Khajjiyar till late evening.

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Tourists enjoyed paragliding and horse riding including sighting of Khajji Snake deity in Khajjiar, including jogging in open ground. Enjoyed a variety of delicious and spicy dishes at the food stalls around the lake.

Demand to keep Dalhousie’s market open on Sunday

After the decision of the state government to open the border, the officials of the trade board Dalhousie met the SDM and sought permission to keep the markets of the tourism city open on Sunday. The administration is yet to agree on the demand of the traders. If the administration allows Dalhousie’s markets to be open on Sundays, it will be quite a relief for traders.

Hotel operators called staff

After the influx of tourists, the hotel and guest house operators of Dalhousie have also started calling the staff back. Hotels, guest houses, restaurants and dhaba operators have started cleaning work. Restaurant operators Manmahesh and Harish Mahajan say that the influx of tourists has started, but the back-up has not returned yet. Cleaning the restaurant.

Staff has also been called to work. Currently, restaurants will open with limited menus. As the influx of tourists increases, restaurants will be operated along the entire menu.

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The influx of tourists has started. Some tourists have reached Dalhousie from Punjab, Jammu and Delhi. Occupancy rates of hotels have been between ten and fifteen percent on Saturdays and Sundays. The market of the city is being opened as per rules. Every effort will be made to provide better facilities to the tourists.

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