Adventure tourism will attract tourists in Champawat

TFCI News: Adventure tourism will attract tourists in Champawat!!!

Champawat The first paragliding site in the district has been selected. The area around Banasur Fort has been selected and the proposal has been sent to the Tourism Directorate. With the increase of adventure tourism in the district after the approval of the proposal, the influx of tourists is also expected to increase.

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Adventure Tourism Department surveyed five places

The Adventure Tourism Department surveyed five places for paragliding in the district. Four sites were found unsuitable for paragliding in the field trials around Jhumadhuri, Diyuri, Chandalkot, Chalthi and Banasur Fort. Only the area around the fort of Banasur met the standards of paragliding. District Adventure Tourism Officer Lata Bisht said that the proposal has been sent to the Directorate after being found suitable in the test. There are 18 electric poles around the fort. The Energy Corporation has been urged to shift these poles from here to elsewhere.

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The department says that after completion of the perennial route by March this year, it will be possible to reach near Banasur Fort, 95 km from Tanakpur, in a journey of just two and a half hours. This will provide a new option for adventure tourism enthusiasts. The tourism department believes that in addition to better infrastructure, adventure tourism along with spiritual tourism like Maa Purnagiri Dham, Maa Barahi Dham Devidhura will also increase the influx of tourists. (conversation)

Adventure tourism will get expansion

Champawat After approving the proposal for paragliding, adventure tourism in the district will get expanded. Right now rafting was mainly a means of adventure tourism. Pancheshwar, Ghat and Sharda river are very suitable for rafting. Every year more than two thousand people enjoy rafting. (conversation)

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After approval of the proposal, trading activities of paragliding will be done on the lines of Bhimtal in Champawat district too. Not only will paragliding be popular with online booking, but home stay scheme will also get wings.

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