65% of Indians are ready to visit tourist destinations again

TFCI NEWS: 65% of Indians are ready to visit tourist destinations again

After Arrival Of Corona Vaccine, Indians Are Planning To Visit Tourist Destinations Of Kerala, Kashmir, Uttarakhand And Himachal Pradesh. 65% of Indians are ready to visit tourist destinations.

People imprisoned in their homes during the Corona period are returning to their old lives. Be it a wedding anniversary or honeymoon planning, people are once again going for a walk. After the decreasing cases of corona and vaccination in the country, people seem to be in a mood to have fun again.

In the coming two months, 65 per cent of Indians are planning to visit tourist destinations. Kashmir, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have emerged as hot destinations for honeymoon couple. At the same time, 80 percent are still prefer to travel with their vehicles.

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Lot of enthusiasm among the people to visit the tourist places

A spokesperson for Make My Trip Travel Company told TFCI News that after the launch of the Corona Vaccination Program, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people to visit the tourist places. In the next two months, 65 percent of the people are planning to roam. These people prefer to roam in Goa, Kerala, Puducherry. 40% of people still prefer to take short tours due to fear of corona infection.

Rajiv Kale, President of Thomas Cook (India) Limited and Country Head of Holiday & Mike Tour & Travel Company, told us that people were imprisoned in their homes last year due to the Corona lockdown. After the vaccine, people have increased interest in outdoor travel. Family people, working professionals and small families like to visit the tourist places near their city. Apart from Kashmir, Ladakh, North East, Dubai, Maldives remains the choice of people to visit. 71 per cent of the people are still showing more interest in traveling by flight.

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The trend of people increased in seeing the culture of villages

Daniel D’Souza, President and Country Head of SOTC Travel Company, told us that 74 percent of tourists prefer to go out for 5-10 days only. In these, they like to do wildlife tour and local tour. On the local tour, they want to enjoy the village culture, civilization and cuisine. The youth are more interested in travelling to Leh Ladakh by bike. Fearing a Corona infection, tourists are preferring to stay in the same resort and the same hotel this time.

He said that there were many couples in the backyard who could not go on a honeymoon. Now, these couples are busy preparing for the trip. Kashmir, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh remain their choice in this. While travelling, most people prefer to roam around in their own vehicles.

Grow you tourism business get best Financial assistance

Tourism Finance Corporation of India Limited (TFCI) is a non-banking finance company, which offers financial services to the tourism business. The Company is engaged in the financing of projects by way of loan or investment. It provides financial assistance to tourism-related/other projects in the ordinary course of business.

But Tour and Travels are taking the help of companies to stop at tourist places. 48 per cent of people prefer going for a walk with their friends and 20 per cent with their office colleagues. People in the age group of 18 to 30 are preferring to stay separately in the villa instead of staying in the hotel at the tourist spot.
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More tourists will come to India in 2021 as compared to 2020

Less than three million foreign tourists visited India in 2020 due to travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, a figure that is 75 per cent lower than in 2019. Recently, Union Tourism Minister Prahlad Patel gave this information to Rajya Sabha in a written reply.

He told that the number of foreign tourists who came to India in 2019 was 1.093 crore and in 2018, 1.056 crore. In 2017, the number of foreign tourists visiting India crossed the 1 crore mark. Then 1.04 crore foreign tourists came to India. Only 26.8 lakh foreign tourists visited India last year. There is no study yet to assess the revenue loss in the tourism sector in 2020.

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