National Tourism Day

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Now full emphasis on increasing tourism, so that more number of tourists can visit India
Gwalior National Tourism Day Special News: Gwalior, Naiduniya Representative.

The Government of India now intends to strengthen the tourism sector.

IITTM in Gwalior is going to play an important role in this direction. After a few months, the guides coming out of this institute will not only be knowledgeable in all languages, but they will be able to tell the tourists visiting any state of the country about its historical heritage.

Efforts are being made to strengthen the tourism sector so that India’s economic situation can be further strengthened. Experts say that in the year 2019, eleven million tourists visited our country. Not only this, 230 Indian tourists left their respective homes to travel the country. This figure also emphasized strengthening the tourism sector.

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On the eve of National Tourism Day, a discussion with the IITTM management came to the fore that this year, complete preparations have been made to develop the tourism sector. After a few days from the Government of India, the IITFC Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Course is going to start, which has been entrusted to IITTM to pursue.

Special training will be given to tourist guides.

Also, research work will start in the institute from the month of February. Now you will not have to go anywhere else After the degree course, students associated with IITTM had to turn to some other institution for research work. After starting the center in IITTM, they will be able to do research here and discover new values ​​and bring them to the tourists.

IITTM Public Relations Officer Dr. Chandrasekhar Barua said that even though the figure for 2019 is satisfactory, the number of tourists coming to Gwalior or India is small, while our country is very rich from a tourism point of view.

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